We welcome you to visit our farm store Monday - Sunday during store hours, 8:00am - 6:00pm, April through December! We  grow many fruits and veggies on our farm and sell them in our farm store. Any fruits/veggies we cannot grow, we buy from other local farms for you to purchase in our store. We also carry a variety of  products in our store which come from the east coast USA.

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Free Range Eggs


Grass Fed Beef


Pasture Raised Pork


Antibiotic/Hormone Free/Veggie Fed Turkey


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Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs


The eggs we sell here at Harvest Moon come from our own Rhode Island Red, Pullet and Araucana chickens. Our chickens spend their entire lives on pasture and therefore produce some of the highest quality eggs possible.  They eat bugs and grass while also having access to supplemental feed.


From their arrival at three days old we provide them with direct sunlight and fresh grass from our fields. After approximately 4 weeks our birds are moved outside into our mobile coop.


The mobile coop provides optimal conditions for good health by providing fresh pasture at all times as well as fresh air and direct sunlight. (99% of laying hens are housed in factory like buildings never seeing grass, receiving direct sunlight or fresh air).

Our Own Grass Fed Beef


Our grass-fed beef meets our strict quality standards, which require that animals are raised on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics or added growth hormones. In addition, all beef producers are required to follow rigorous animal welfare standards that apply to all stages of an animal's life and environment. We currently raise our own Highland Cattle and Red Devons. For more information, check out our beef shares page!

Pasture Raised Pork


The pork we sell here at Harvest Moon is raised about 60 miles up north in Clinton Corners by our good friend Denny. Hogs are free to graze the land and live wonderful healthy happy lives.  They are pasture raised until they are sent to a USDA approved facility for slaughter.  You can truly taste the difference in the meat from an animal that is always treated with care.

Our Own Antibiotic/Hormone Free, Vegetable Fed Turkey


Here at Harvest Moon we raise our own free-range, antibiotic and hormone-free, heritage breed turkeys! The breed is Broad Breasted Bronze and they range from 17 lbs. to a whopping 30 lbs. fresh for Thanksgiving! Our turkeys are fed a diverse menu including; vegetables, apples, grass, grains, worms & bugs. You may pre-order your Turkey starting in October! Click Here to learn more.

Our Own Fruits and Veggies


Vegetables on our farm are grown using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This means, whenever possible we use organic fertilizers and pest controls. We also plant and harvest all of our vegetables and fruit by hand.


We use ecologically and environmentally conscious techniques for maintaining fruit crops on our farm. Due to the Northeastern US climate, the apple varieties we grow at our orchard are extremely susceptible to pests, fungi, and other detrimental diseases. These naturally occurring nuisances could cause total devastation if left untreated. For this reason, we do spray our apple trees, but we use the most environmentally conscious sprays available while still protecting our orchard from ruin.


Buying produce at your local farm is like harvesting it right out of your own backyard. Procuring in-season and local means you are getting the freshest, tastiest, best quality possible because it is only traveling a short distance to your table. "Organic" produce bought in the supermarket may seem attractive at first but always keep an eye out for where it comes from - faraway places like California and Mexico means that produce has probably sat on a truck for days. Plus, supporting local businesses is great for the community!

Generally, the front of our store changes weekly. During March and April you can find this table ready for Easter and the start of spring. In May and June it is flowers galore! We have plenty of annuals and garden items during this time, ask us where to find your favorite flowers! Summertime, from mid-June to August, you can find this table STOCKED with fresh veggies from our farm or other local farms using our same practices. In September and October you will find everything fall, decor, hay/straw bales, pumpkins, and more! Finally, the table changes to match Thanksgiving in November and Christmas and the snow in December. Check us out throughout the year!

Ronnybrook Dairy Farm


The Ronnybrook family has been milking cows in the Hudson Valley for nearly 70 years. Their closed herd consists of grass fed, free range Holsteins. By concentrating their distribution in the northeast region, their milk moves from cow to table in a little more than a day. They encourage folks to call and come visit the farm and their cows.

NY State Honey from Rulison Honey Farms in Amsterdam NY.


Rulison Honey Farms is a 4th generation family business. They are located north of our farm in Amsterdam NY. They have thousands of hives on their property and during peak bloom times, they will transport their hives to help with cross-pollination among fruit trees.  Not only does this honey taste delicious, but it comes in a few flavors: Clover, Wildflower, Buckwheat, creamed, and in the comb!

Scribner Maple Syrup from Whitehall NY.


Our maple syrup comes from a small family run operation in Lake George. Vern and his wife Ruth tap, collect, and create beautifully colored Grade A Amber maple syrup.

Northern Farmhouse Pasta in Roscoe NY.


Established in 2011, this pasta is created from all New York State products. They use NY organic flour, local cheese, and local produce for their ravioli. The ravioli filling is always changing based on what is in season at the time.

Other Goods

Yoder's Fine Foods in Gambier OH.


Located just four hours east of Buffalo, Yoder's Fine Foods has been producing specialty jams and jellies for over 20 years. They got their start making delicious apple cider but as laws changed, they decided to move towards apple butter. Adding other flavors of jams throughout the years, this small family run business operates year round to pick, press, and produce quality jams. Oh, they hand label these jars too!

Rewined Candles located in South Carolina


Ok, so they're not NY local, but these candles are made right here on the east coast USA! Rewined got it's start from a guy who decided it was a good idea to cut a wine bottle in half and make a candle. Matching scents with the notes from the wine that previously inhabited the bottle, a wonderful scented candle was born! 30 employees later, Rewined is still making these candles by hand!

We love changing up the look of our store every month with different displays. There are many items to purchase: candles, Sally Ander soaps, custom burlap bags (made just for us in NY!), books, greeting cards (many designed by local artists), alpaca items, garden items, copper goods, canvas photos, farm decor, and so much more!

We love when our customers show their support by purchasing goods from us. We love it even more when you wear our shirts! Locally printed by a good friend, these custom Harvest Moon shirts come in all sizes for men and women. We have many other shirts from Earth Sun Moon printed in Grove City, PA. Stop by and check em out!

The Patio outside our tasting room is brand new this year! It is open during store hours for you to enjoy! Our store is now making a breakfast sandwich daily, specialty panini, and various salads. Stop by the counter to place your order, pick-up, and enjoy!


Farm Rules:

All visitors must check in at the store prior to entering other areas of the farm.


ALL bags are subject to search.


No off premise food/drink permitted.


Absolutely NO dogs are permitted on the farm.


Please DO NOT touch or feed the animals, they may bite.


Absolutely NO climbing of trees.

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Winter Store Hours:

9:00am - 5:00pm Fri - Sun

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Farm Rules:

All visitors must check in at the store prior to entering other areas of the farm.

ALL bags are subject to search.

No off premise food/drink permitted.

Absolutely NO dogs are permitted on the farm.

Please DO NOT touch or feed the animals, they may bite.

Absolutely NO climbing of trees.

Store Hours:

8:00am - 6:00pm Daily

Store Hours:

8:00am - 6:00pm Daily