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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs provide consumers the opportunity to purchase fresh, local produce by providing the means to develop direct relationships with local farmers. CSAs are mutually beneficial for both parties. By paying in advance of the growing season, CSA programs support farmers by providing much-needed funds to cover the up-front costs associated with raising food. Consumers benefit by receiving a weekly box of the freshest crops possible; produce is harvested at its peak, resulting in a diverse offering of food unparalleled in freshness and nutrition. Many consumers enjoy the surprise of new and never before tasted foods, since it is not uncommon to receive fruits and vegetables one may never have cooked or even heard of, so joining a CSA requires some sense of adventure and creativity! 

Benefits for you, benefits for the farm!

By becoming a member of the Harvest Moon CSA, you are choosing healthy, high quality, safe food for you and your family. As part of our CSA, you will not only receive a weekly box of fresh, local produce, you will directly support the efforts of our farm and other local farms. Here at Harvest Moon we grow over 20 different crops and each week our farmers walk through our fields and hand select the best of what’s ready to put in your box. Our crops are harvested same day or only one day before pick up, which guarantees you receive the freshest possible produce. Our farm manager also makes weekly visits to local farms in order hand pick produce from their freshest harvests to supplement our offerings. 

What’s in the Harvest Moon CSA box?

As a Harvest Mon CSA member, you will reap the benefits of a wide variety of farm fresh produce, once a week, July through October. The produce that comprises your CSA box will vary each week depending upon availability, specifically what is actually growing and ready for harvest, so please be aware that you will receive some crops more frequently than others. We will send an email earlier in the week to all of our members with a list of what will be the probable contents of your share that week. We will also include recipes for you to try at home. 

When do I pick up my box?

The first pick up date is Thursday July 2, 2020. Pickups are every Thursday until your specific share is ended.


Please download and email this form prior to purchasing your CSA share. Email your form to harvestmooncsa@gmail.com.

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